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We are tightly-knit

We are a small creative family outfit that offers “specialized” metal engraving services using German precision machinery. Our services appeal to a wide range of identity and personalized applications such as tags, brand engraving and industrial marking applications. Our creative team also creates custom designs and patterns use for our engraving services.

A Digital Agency

In this day and age of digital, we adapt. With our experience and knowledge  in graphics and imaging, we bring specialized engraving to new heights.  All our work are on digital platform – from designs, mock-ups to productions. This makes client collaboration and revisions fast and easy. The only thing not digital in what we do is the way we talk to our clients. In this aspect, we still prefer the “human touch.”

Forward Thinking

We do not let our accomplishments define us. It’s what we dream we are capable of. We are strongly motivated to innovate. Creativity is God’s gift to us and we treasure this dearly with the purpose of finding new and exciting ways to hone and improve it. We study and we brainstorm a lot. No right and wrong answers.  Just waiting for ideas to ripen. This is what defines us.

Problem Solvers

There are problems everywhere in this world. But it’s one’s perspective of it that matters. We see problems as challenges; as another opportunity to do things better.  This is what excites us and keeps us on our toes. It is these challenges that give birth to new found ideas and products. We are always open for collaboration. If you’ve got an idea, don’t hesitate to share with us.

Customer Support

We begin our day with a strong sense of customer service in mind. Before our machines start humming, we gather and remind ourselves about the importance of achieving customer satisfaction. There are times we clash head over difficult customers who are opinionated or difficult. In most cases, the solution to this problem is staying connected with our customers all throughout the project.



Creative Instigator

Brian brings his creative and idealistic vision to the team. A seasoned graphic and imaging artist – He often doodles, sketches and often pokes his ideas to the team.



Tech & Admin

Ann keeps everything oiled and running – the software, tech and machines. She is conversant with new technologies and applications. Logic is the name of the game for this dragon lady.



Hit Woman

Emily gets things done. A disciplined multitasker who is effective at the both the front and back-end. Innately creative and introspective. She keeps the creative juices of the team flowing.



Team spirit and bonker

Rachel brings a free-spirited approach towards our creative direction. She fuses fun, passion and creativity in all aspects of our workflow. She is our youngest skilled illustrator.