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Permanent Engraving

Create your permanent work of art on metal that will not fade and will last a long time.

High Resolution

Photos, artworks or logos permanently engraved in high resolution onto on actual metal surface.

Vast Material Selection

Vast materials in different shape, color and material are available at your disposal.

Tags are Essential

Our creative team is ready to assist you in custom engraving your mark or brand. It can be either on our existing inventory of tags and plates or it could even be on your own products. Here are some of the reasons why tags are essential and can save lives.

Pet ID

If your pet is lost in the neighbourhood, a Pet ID tag can get them home much faster. Our Pet ID tag comes engrave with the name of your pet and important owner contact information. We have a wide range quality of Pet ID tags to choose from.

Medical ID

This can be a life saver! Key facts about your medical condition and treatment engrave on the tag are invaluable and will ensure that you receive proper medical treatment and care should anything happen to you. Our wide range of human id tags come in different materials and colours.

Asset ID

Sometimes, we lose or misplace our gear and equipment. If you had attached your gear or bag cases with these durable tags that has your name and contact information engraved, the chances of their recovery is much higher. Rivet these tags onto your hard cases, or use them as bag tags or just slip them into your cases.


Mark that special day with a custom tag engraved just for your special day or your company’s special event. We can engraved your event logo or even a photograph or a symbol that you hold so dear and precious. And since they are engraved, they last a lifetime.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The pet tags are really great.  It’s exactly what we wanted. Thank you for the fast responses and service. We would recommend you to our friends who want to buy tags for their dogs.”

Regine Sy

“I am very impressed with Engravio’s work. They have done a very precise and excellent work. The price is very reasonable.”

Ferdinand Singh

“I’ve received the pet tags and they looks very nice on my dogs…:) Thank you so much.”

Arlene Rayner