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Please check below our answers to some of the frequently asked questions.

About our work

Do you accept custom engraving work?

Yes, that’s what we do. Please contact us to start a project with us.

What materials can you engrave on?

We can engrave Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Brass, Aluminum, Iron, Stainless steel and even some resins like Acrylic. We can also engrave on curved surfaces as well. Please contact us for more details.

Is there a size or area limit as far as your engraving goes?

Yes, our machine has an area as well as size limit. Please contact us for more details.

Is your engraving back to back on your tags?

Yes, all tags (except for pre-stamped tags and tags with designs) include back to back text engraving. We do charge extra for engraving of photo, logo or custom designs as they take longer to setup and engrave.

Is your engraving very deep?

No, our precision machine is smart enough to just do surface engraving. It does not cut, slice or do deep engravings.

How long does it take to finish my order?

Orders are usually finished within 5 working days. Take note that work that requires logo or photo engraving will take much longer. Each project is dependent on so many factors like complexity, setup time, production run time, material, etc. Each tag is customized, so please bear with us.

What's the right tag for my pet?
Unless you have a tiger or a mutant cat, tags smaller than 1.25″ are generally fine for felines. But do feel free to send us a photo (or 10) of your cat if you need some help.

Hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, bears, or whatever lovely pet you may have could also use a tag! As they say, better safe than sorry. You’re more than welcome to get in touch with us if you need some help figuring out what tag will work best for your pet.

Dogs are a bit trickier as they come in many shapes and sizes. Feel free to contact us if you need help choosing a tag for your canine buddy; but just to give you an idea, here’s a short list.

Large dogs (golden retriever, GSD, etc.): 1.5″-2″

Medium dogs (beagles, bulldogs, etc.): 1.25″-1.5″

Small dogs (shih tzus, chihuahuas, etc.): 1″-1.25″

On Ordering and Shipping

Do you have a store in the mall?

No, if we did our prices would be a lot higher as costs will also increase.

Do you take rush orders, and if so, how much would be the extra charge?

Yes, we do take in rush orders. The extra charge will be an extra 25% on top of the regular prices and fees of all orders. Shipping fee is excluded from this computation.

How do we pay?

We accept payments via BDO and BPI. We can also accept payment through Western Union or Palawan Express (though processing may take a bit longer). We also have PayPal, but please be advised that there is a surcharge of about 5.5%.

 For international orders, please contact us.

How do you deliver?
For Metro Manila addresses, we have our standard courier or GrabExpress*.

For areas outside Metro Manila, we usually ship via JRS or Blitz Delivery.

We can also ship via LBC, although they are more expensive. If you prefer LBC, please get in touch with us so we can recalculate your order total.

*For special requests or rush orders only. The Grab fee depends on where you want it shipped and whether it is peak hours or not. We encourage clients to do the bookings and pay the rider themselves. That way the fee will be more accurate. Please contact us if you’d like your order to be dispatched via Grab so we can coordinate accordingly.

How long does it take for my orders to arrive?

As a general guide, Metro Manila orders usually arrive within 2-4 working days, while provincial orders vary greatly on the location and environmental conditions. Once your order is shipped, we will provide you the tracking number with which you can track your package. Shipping times may vary due to to many factors such as weekend, public holidays, bad weather, etc. Please take note that orders placed or paid for on Fridays to Sundays will usually be shipped on the next working week.

Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, we do. Pricing will depend on exact specifications and quantity of your order.

Do you do meet-ups?

Generally, we don’t do meet-ups. However, you can schedule to pick-up your order from our location in Pasay.

If you really, really, really want to meet-up. It will depend on our schedule, so please get in touch with us to coordinate. Since our products are customized to your taste and information, our policy dictates that the complete balance must be paid for before we meet.

How much does shipping cost?
Good question! For shipments by our respective, standard couriers:

Metro Manila: P70

Outside Metro Manila: P160.*

For shipping via GrabExpress (Metro Manila only): It depends on your location and the time of booking. We encourage clients to book and pay the riders themselves to save on costs. If we do the bookings for you, we’ll have to estimate the Grab fee, which may result in higher fees.

For shipping outside of our standard couriers: There are a lot of different courier companies. Let us know which you prefer and we’ll try to research rates and make it happen.

For international shipping rates, please get in touch with us.


*Rates may change depending on whether your location is serviceable by our standard courier. We may have to ship via a different courier if our standard courier cannot deliver to you.

Warranty Policy
To understand our policy, you’ll have to learn about our work process and our tags first. We have something called clearance tags, which are cosmetically imperfect tags offered at a discounted price. These tags cannot be returned or refunded. Our work process goes through two approval and confirmation stages before we do the actual engraving. Please read through all parts of this policy carefully. By ordering,  you agree to accept our policies.


After we confirm payment, we’ll send you the layouts so you can check all the information and also decide if you like the design. Once the layouts are approved, they can’t be changed anymore as we will start engraving. If something slips past you after you’ve already given the go-signal, notify us immediately. If we haven’t started engraving the tag yet, all is well and there will be no fees. We’ll send you the updated layout and have you approve and check it again.

If in case we have already begun or finished engraving, you’ll just have to pay for the tag and the cost of the engraving.


After the tags are all engraved, we’ll send you photos of them and have you check not only the text, but also the condition of the tag. If you spot a mistake and it’s our fault (i.e. we forgot to change the layout before you approved it), we’ll make a new one free of charge. However, if the mistake is not on our part, you’ll be the one to shoulder the fees. Don’t worry, you won’t have to pay the full price-just the cost of the tag and the engraving.

Once  you’ve given the thumbs up, we’ll ready the tags for dispatch and you should receive your order soon. Yay! Do take note that once we’ve handed your order to the courier service, we’re no longer responsible for it. We can help you track the package, but we can’t do anything if the parcel is damaged while in transit.


Alright, so once you receive your tags, you have 5 business days to get in touch with us if you spot something wrong with the engraving. You’ll have to contact us first with photos and a description of the problem. If the fault is on our part, usual options are return and replacement or a partial refund. It depends on the situation as it’s on a case by case basis. Change of mind, negligence, normal wear and tear etc. aren’t acceptable reasons.